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Are we gaslighting parental concerns?

Mar 13, 2022

Guest Blog: Anon

When your child has high anxiety about the whole school environment, and begs you every morning, and at every bedtime, not to take them in.... seek advice.

“He’s fine in school.” Teacher

“You don’t think he is Autistic do you?” Head of Year

“He is still very young.” SENDCO

“He is an only child.” GP

“Find out what he really likes to do and then join an after-school club.” Parent friend in the playground

“You’re molly-coddling him.” Close family member

“He needs punishment and consequences.” Close family member

“It’s ok to want to be a quiet child in such a busy world… You just need to avoid all those noisy birthday parties.”  Ear Nose Throat Specialist (after a Hyperacusis diagnosis).

“He gave good eye contact…he smiled at me.” CAHMS Psychologist

“It is parent choice. You can change schools.” CAHMS Duty Officer

I was confused, upset, frustrated, angry and alone.

“I must be wrong. I must be a rubbish mum. I have failed my child.”

Luckily, I found the PDA Summit a few years ago and the gems of support and knowledge I received, helped me change my mindset back to believing in myself, and believing in my child.

I joined the PDA Space.

Nicola helped remind me of the need to look after myself in order to be able to look after my child. I gained more confidence and learned new ways to reframe a situation, and I am so grateful.

I listened to the Summit webinars and heard some professionals who had better words than I had previously experienced.  

Empathy, support and understanding.

Parents shared similar experiences. I felt heard and I no longer felt so alone. The combination of gaining more knowledge and being heard, empowered me to move forward.

My knowledge of PDA has grown, but there is always so much more to learn and so many new voices to be heard. This is why I have signed up for the PDA Summit again this year.

You don’t have to be alone.

People will hear you.

You can make positive changes.

You have not failed your child.

Sign up to the Summit for free, using the link below.