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THE PDA SUMMIT 2022 1st April - 3rd April









The PDA Space with Nicola Reekie

The PDA Space Summit 2024 is now officially OPEN...

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My communities feel heard and held...


My mission is to spread awareness of PDA and help families create a calmer more compassionate home to live in.

I do this through workshops, webinars, individual coaching for parents, and therapeutic groups, alongside my main annual event – The PDA summit!

I want to empower parents to believe in themselves so they can let go of unrealistic expectations on how family life should be and enjoy the reality of life living with PDA.

Support for Everyone

Using a holistic solution focused perspective and raising awareness on resources for PDA

The PDA Space Portal

Monthly live workshops and pre-recorded webinars for parents and professionals who want to become informed when supporting children with a neurodivergence. 

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Holistic Courses

A variety of different courses available to support learning new ways to enjoy life for yourself and your family. Everything you need for more calm in your life.

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The PDA Summit 2023

A weekend of current and informative webinars with 30+ speakers bringing a variety of topics  for discussion and learning as well as raising awareness around PDA.

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Come and meet Nicola at one of the live events she attends. You'll find deatils of the events and any talks Nicola will be presenting. Attendees also get Event Exclusive Offers!  

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Nicola Reekie

Hi, I'm Nicola!


As a parent of a child whose Autistic and a PDA profile, it’s to create a Space to be heard and to learn how to create a calmer home through Live Workshops and Webinars and….  
To host the Worlds Largest Free PDA Summit. Pathological Demand Avoidance is a Profile of Autism


I'm a solution focused Therapist supporting parents whose children who are autistic with a PDA profile, with their emotional well-being helping to create calm in oftentimes challenging situations.

More About Me

"Nicola gave me practical and realistic advice I could implement straight away. Having tools to instantly calm myself has had an impact on the whole family."


"I've learnt so much from Nicola in the guest expert session she did for my group, in how we can be inclusive for neurodiverse people as well as raising neurodiverse children."

Today things are different...

The biggest changes were our thoughts and beliefs of how we should parent a child.

Changing our language, reducing demands, looking after our wellbeing and understanding PDA, have made a massive difference to our lives.

Today, life still has its challenges, but now we know what we’re dealing with.

We still make mistakes at times as life constantly changes.

We know what life is like for our son and we understand why we’re seeing certain behaviours. By learning about PDA we’ve been able to implement strategies and alter the way we communicate and it’s made our family life a great deal easier.


"I had a consult with Nicola on the phone.  It helped me see more in that hour than the Ed team shared in 2 yrs."


"You have made a big difference to my emotional wellbeing that has positively impacted my family too!"

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Please note that we do not endorse any person, organisation or affiliate.  Whilst we consider our speakers to be the voice of the PDA community, the views presented here do not necessarily reflect those of The PDA Space. 
We advise you to do your own research and safeguarding checks before using services offered by any of the speakers featured in the PDA Space Summit or the Portal.  
The PDA Space cannot be held responsible.  You are responsible for your own due diligence. 
Disclaimer for Summit
Please note that most of our speakers consider themselves neurodivergent which means there could be some last minute changes to the final line-up.