7 Weeks of Nurturing

An affirmation and positive mindset system designed to help parents & carers build resilience and self-care



Say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout!

Hello to some calm for YOU!


Join now and get access to my system which provides you with a bag of techniques which help you to self soothe and take care of your well-being; even while you are taking care of other duties around your family and home.

It's time to put yourself at the top of the list.


As a parent, does any of the following sound familiar to you?

Your time is limited...

...and you don't have enough to look after yourself

You have little or no energy...

...to even do the everyday things on a regular basis

Anxiety is taking over...

...as you struggle to do more than you can handle

Many people feel they have to find huge amounts of space in their everyday lives in order to allocate time out. The fear of knowing this isn't possible – especially when parenting a child with different needs – can leave you doing nothing to address the personal emotional challenges you face on a daily basis.

With my techniques I have helped many parents reclaim their time and their lives. This is what has led me to create this special system.

How will it help you?

  • Start each week with a positive mindset
  • Access simple well-being tips and techniques designed for immediate results
  • Learn how to build personal resilience in order to self soothe and prioritise your self care
  • Learn how to weave effective techniques into your day to day routines
  • Get access to videos and art to lift your soul and help you re-centre

With so much focus surrounding well-being...

...it's likely you could be wondering how this system could be any different to anything else you can access online. Here's what I want to share with you:

As a parent to a young person who has been diagnosed with autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), I am determined that I don't just want to add random solutions similar to everything that has already been said. Because I know that other parents in a similar position as me don't need this.

I know that what you need is real practical support to help you through the challenges that each day throws at you. I have over 15 years’ experience as a Solutions Focused Therapist and have been focusing on supporting parents for the past 2 years.


I know that other systems will leave you:

  • Feeling like you are failing – when you feel like you have to take control of your emotions and self-care, it is not failure. It is in fact the first step to creating the best version of you in order to cope with the challenges that are thrown at you every day
  • Believing that you have to find additional time – when your back is against the wall, I know that it can feel impossible to take time out for yourself. This is why my techniques are designed to be interwoven into your current lifestyle
  • Convinced that you only have limited choices – the path to improving your mood and improving your anxiety isn't the same for everyone. It is possible to have various options available to you to use at the drop of a hat!


7 Weeks of Nurturing is about giving you as a carer,

the freedom and practical nurturing techniques that will support you with your emotional needs.

  • Easy to access, simple breathing and practical activities that will support your personal  needs
  • Learn how to understand your body and where physical tension can show up, plus how to deal with it for instant relief
  • Get to grips on how to change your emotional feeling at any time or anywhere – powerful!
  • Get practical help to improve and support your sleep

How does it work?

I have broken this programme down so it covers 2 very important areas:

1) Emotional energy – sharing with you powerful techniques that gives you the power to nurture your mind and soul

2) Understanding your body – learning how your body reacts negative emotions and how you can literally heal yourself

Programme content

 Delivered using videos and images.

Here's what's included:


Week 1 - Develop your own personal tension busting supply

  • Learn about my highly effective 'Hand to Hand' technique
  • Understand the science behind the technique and what makes it so effective
  • Learn the secrets to slowing your heart rate to regain control of any situation

Week 2 - Time for gratitude

  • Learn the different ways to do gratitudes
  • Get clear about the gratitudes that are able to support your mindset

Week 3 - Claim your happiness

  • Develop your skill to find your place of calm, positivity and happiness
  • I'll help you understand the easiest ways to lock into your personal happiness sanctuary, where you can give yourself a 'virtual hug' whenever you need it
  • Get clear about how and when to use your 'Happy Place' techniques

Week 4 - It's time to take a breath!

  • Take control of your breathing
  • Get step by step instructions on easy breathing techniques
  • Learn how to customise these techniques so that they can support you at different times depending on your needs

Week 5 - Body Scanning techniques

  • Understand how your body interprets tension – I'll share my techniques to check in with your physical body
  • Get my step by step approach on how to release the tension in various parts of the body

Week 6 - Develop your positive emotional defences

  • Let me show you how to 'buy' how you would like to feel
  • Access your preferred feelings, anytime anywhere

Week 7 - Hand reflexology

  • Learn how to do reflexology on your own hand.
  • Reflexology can improve your circulation and energy flow in your body, creating healing and wellbeing.
  • You always have your hands with you, so this is a great tool to learn as it works on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Here's what people say about working with me and using my techniques...

Here's how I know my 7 weeks programme will work for you...


I know what you are going through because I have experienced it.

I've modelled my techniques on practical support, resulting in proven results for thousands of carers.

And it is readily available to you to access daily.


If all this programme did for you was:

  • Help you eliminate the constant feeling of burn out that you are currently experiencing, would it be worth it?
  • Gave you access to techniques that allowed you to self soothe at the drop of hat, would it be worth it?
  • Relieve your stress and improve your mental well being, would it be worth it?
  • Have a positive effect on your sleep, would it be worth it?


Of course it would!

So......are you ready?