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Do you wish you could understand what's going on behind the behaviour, and what your child is trying to communicate to you?


Would you like to have a deeper understanding of what is going on and how you can build a relationship with your PDAer? 
Are you looking for knowledge to help your other children have a greater understanding of what PDA is and how to cope? 
Would you like to learn practical techniques for challenging situations and recognising the signs before things go too far? 
We can help...

Often, the problem comes down to unseen demands. 

The fridge purring, the clock ticking... simple everyday things we don't even notice can cause sensory overload. On the wrong day, this leads to an explosion. 

For a calmer home and improved sibling relationships we have three incredible webinars just for you. 

They will give you what you need to better support your PDAer. 

Get this series of 3 webinars for £33
We will help you to...  
Support siblings 
Become a detective 
Recognise hidden sensory demands.

The Speakers

These amazing professionals  will share their experience and knowledge of working with neurodiverse families and their young people that you will find invaluable. Most importantly, they will help you to actively apply what you learn into your family life. 
* Unlimited access so you can watch them back again anytime. 
* Practical techniques you can implement straight away 
* Peace of mind knowing you are learning from the real experts in PDA 

Corrina Wood

Corrina is an independent consultant and trainer working within the field of neurodiversity. She also has a wealth of experience as a mum of three girls, all of whom are neuro-diverse and is well versed in managing and balancing relationships within the home. Corrina is a highly experienced trainer within a support programme that helps families with children that are neuro diverse.

Tigger Pritchard

Tigger has a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years of professional and personal experience. Working alongside, learning from and advocating for neuro-divergent individuals. In many different ways: support worker, advocate, teacher, facilitator, trainer, manager, lecturer and friend, it's been a long journey, one that he is still traveling and learning on, personally and professionally.

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Nicola Walker

"I've attended both the PDA summit as well as training from the PDA Sanctuary and I've found it incredibly beneficial as both a parent to an autistic PDA child and in my role as a teacher. The range of professionals and shared experience is really impressive and not to be missed. I'm always looking to increase my knowledge and understanding and Nicola's events have given me an enormous amount of value and insight. I'm looking forward to the next Summit!"