Monthly live workshops and pre-recorded webinars for parents and professionals who want to become informed, and empowered, when supporting children who are neurodivergent. 

For just £15 per month


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Even if your child hasnā€™t been officially diagnosed with PDA or other neurodivergent conditions, we can help.Ā 


Thousands of children are currently waiting for assessments on waiting lists as high as 4 years in some parts of the country.

Private assessmentsĀ costing from Ā£750 - Ā£3000 means too many children are being forgotten.Ā Ā 

Even those who have had a diagnosis are still scrambling around in the system, struggling to get information needed to support their family.Ā 

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You can’t wait anymore for the silver bullet or white knight to save you. Your heart breaks when you see the child you love suffering with the family stressed, and you don’t know how to help for the best.

You're already exhausted by the constant battle. Every single morning turns into another crazy battle; no-one seems to understand. You feel ignored, unheard, unseen and a failure as a parent.

You get that sinking feeling when your child puts on their mask and the rest of the world can’t see how much they are struggling. You just want to scream out loud, ‘why can’t anyone else see this?’

As each day, week or month goes by, you know the emotional impact of this on your child, yourself and your whole family is getting worse.

Everyone’s mental health is impacted, and with CHAMS support equally stretched and funding cuts continuing, help feels very far away. 

You know you can’t keep going on like this but what are the other options? With limited support available, you feel trapped.

I want you to know that there is nothing WRONG with the beautiful neurodivergent child in your life and there is nothing WRONG with you!

All behaviour is communication. When your child is struggling, they are communicating with you what they need. Instead of punishing, we need to unpick what this is, listen and do what we can to meet that need. 

But this isn’t easy. 

We weren’t parented or educated this way, without support and guidance it can feel like drowning. 

The PDA Space Portal can be your life jacket.

Ā£15 per month

No matter where you are with your journey, there is always more to learn. The support in the PDA Portal will help you unpick the behaviours and improve your relationship with your child.

  • Stop relying on underfunded and broken systems - take control yourself today 

  •  Empower yourself with knowledge, support and information

  •  Information about what the professional roles are that you come into contact with and how best to navigate these relationships for the best outcome for your child 

  •  Up to date, research based support 

  •  Speakers include neurodivergent and PDA experts, educators, parents, professionals and neurodivergent speakers.

  •  Topics include sensory needs, reasonable adjustments, impulsive behaviour, creating a  low demand home.

  •  Recordings available for 90 days 

  • PLUS access to Workshops and Webinars on the go and in your own time via the Kajabi app

All the information you need is in one place. So there's no more scrambling around trying to collect and understand everything, as you can access it in your own time.

No matter where you are with your journey, there is always more to learn. The support in the PDA Space Portal will help you unpick the behaviours and improve your relationship with your child.

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Who is the PDA Portal for?

Parents who feel they are on a roundabout with zero exits. Going round and round and not getting anywhere fast.

Parents who are tired of being blamed for their child’s behaviour.

Parents who want to feel that they are not alone and want a community away from social media.

Parents who are stuck, confused, lost and overwhelmed. All the doors seem closed to them.


Parents who are just at the beginning of the journey AND those who are further down the line.

Parents who want to regain control over their lives for their families.

Parents who want to make a difference.

Who is the PDA Portal not for?  


X Parents who simply want to blame everyone and everything else X 

X Closed minded people who are not willing to try new things for better results X 

X Parents who want to keep waiting for more support from the system X 

I wish the situation and outcomes for PDA and neurodivergent children was better, but I know we can’t keep waiting for things to change.

We have to take action now, together. 


Two sessions a month for just £15

The PDA Space Portal is definitely for me please...
From Nicola:

I'm on a mission to raise awareness of PDA and support the families of those struggling with inadequate support and information


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After spending years seeking a diagnosis for our child and not getting anywhere, as parents we needed to know where to go next. I was exhausted. I’d been on the edge of burn out for so long. 

Finding out about PDA was a turning point for us as a family and a lightbulb moment. I immersed myself in information and advice and although I felt better to discover some of the answers, it was all very isolating and overwhelming. 

Our life would have been very different if we had been able to access the PDA portal back then but it is precisely because I’ve been there that I created this space in the first place.I don’t want other families to struggle for as long as we did.  I also continue to learn from the speakers I invite because as research, policy and systems change we need to stay updated and informed, for the sake of our children and ourselves. 

Being informed puts us as parents and conscientious professionals back in control. 

This is what the community is saying

‘The speakers have changed the way I see my daughters' behaviour. I've learnt so much and feel more confident as a parent. My daughter masks constantly for the outside world which means no one seems to understand how much pain she is in and we get the brunt of the angry explosions and anxiety attacks. I've felt so alone and worried for too long. It feels good to know there is another way.’ 

-Lisa Barry

‘Through her personal experience and professional activity Nicola has built up a network of excellent professionals and advocates who work/live with PDA. People that can offer support to better understand and live with PDA, as well as people who can help the carer with their wellbeing, which is so important. As a parent, this has meant I've felt heard and seen, and no longer alone’

-Grateful Parent

Yes please, I want to enter the PDA Space Portal!
Frequently Asked Questions
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We advise you to do your own research and safeguarding checks before using services offered by any of the speakers featured in the PDA Space Portal.  
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