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  • A live workshop each month which you will be invited to attend, and access to the recording for 90 days as long as you remain a member of The Portal.
  • A pre-recorded webinar each month which will be available for 90 days as long as you remain a member of The Portal. 
  • Information about how to use the Kajabi app on our mobile phone so you can listen to and watch the workshops and webinars anywhere, in your own time.

Topics include sensory needs, reasonable adjustments, impulsive behaviour, creating a  low demand life.

Speakers include neurodivergent and PDA experts, educators, parents, professionals and people who are neurodivergent themselves. 

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In return, The PDA Space agrees:

  1. To provide you with access to pre-recorded workshops and webinars, plus additional materials, via an online platform, known as The PDA Space Portal.
  2. To provide you with details to access the live workshops prior to them being available in The PDA Portal. This will be via email notification.
  3. To provide you with a positive membership experience.
  4. To respect your privacy and to treat confidential information appropriately.
  5. To treat you with respect at all times.
  6. To deal with questions and concerns in a timely manner.

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No refund will be provided whether you access The PDA Space Portal or not, including; being asked to leave the membership due to improper behaviour.

Should you be dissatisfied in any way, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible so we can help resolve any issues.

Please note:
We do not endorse any person, organisation or affiliate.  Whilst we consider our speakers to be the voice of the PDA community, the views presented here do not necessarily reflect those of The PDA Space. 
We advise you to do your own research and safeguarding checks before using services offered by any of the speakers featured in the PDA Space Portal.  
The PDA Space is not and cannot be held responsible or liable for ineractions between yourself and any third parties featured anywhere within The PDA Space. 
You are responsible for your own due diligence.