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Amanda McGuire
Leanne Jaques
Lindsay Guttridge
Nicola Reekie

Amanda McGuire

Webinar: Connotations of Communication - Deficit versus Assets

My Aim is to invite you into our Neurodiverse Family, giving a positive versus negative intake on how we and others communicate. Looking broadly into perception, language, expectations and social implications. Encouraging a better understanding of your own Family dynamics and how we can move forward in PDA awareness and acceptance.  


Amanda Maguire is a Neuro-Divergent Advocate, Specialising in Person-Centred Counselling. 

Amanda is the Founder of Neurodiverse Adventures which offers a range of first-hand lived experiences helping and guiding families and or individuals to thrive, providing tools and techniques that empower the individual to help embrace their own or their children’s Neurodiversity. She provides a safe space for clients to be themselves with no judgment, guiding them through challenging times, benefiting the individual depending on their needs. 

Who will benefit from your presentation?

Anyone that is interested in finding out more about Connotations of Communication through Positive and Negative implications with a PDAer and society as a whole.

What problems can you solve? Please give an example of when someone has applied your advice and had great results.

In counselling and coaching, most of my clients come to me when they feel stuck, overwhelmed with emotions or even at their lowest point. It’s hard trying to make sense of the world or people that surround them. I help them by giving them a space just to be themselves, to talk through difficult feelings to help process events that have had an impact. In time we look at building tools that can help the individual move forward. By valuing my clients in a person centred way, it allows them to feel comfortable and slowly understanding their autonomy which gives them strength and acceptance.

Please note: Coaching is very different to Counselling. Depending on the initial assessment I will advise on what I feel will benefit the client’s needs and wants.

Are there any other recommendations you could give, or areas you can help with that you may not be discussing?

Through my life I have experienced lots of losses and endured substance misuse and abuse, if anyone feels they need to reach out, PLEASE DO! 

What is your link to PDA?  (Parent, professional)

I am a parent and partner to PDAers

Who do you work with e.g. Parents, Young people, or professionals? If applicable how do you support them?

I work with whomever needs my counselling services, from parents, caregivers to neurodiverse people. I support in many areas depending on the need, covering a range; PTSD, ALL Sensory needs, supporting; self or parent/carer advocacy, before, during or after diagnoses, self or clinical. 

Behaviour/Communication issues, Violent Challenging Behaviours. Relationships issues, Sleep issues, how to work with professionals, anxiety, substance misuse, confidence etc…

Personal links

Website address - https://neurodiverseadventures.live-website.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/neurodiverseadventures/

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Leanne Jaques

Webinar: Transparency + Integrity = Trust

As parents/carers of children with a PDA profile of autism we need professionals to be transparent and show integrity. We want to have the trust and faith that when we reach out for support and care that these agencies have a sound knowledge of how a PDA child may present and the helpful approaches needed to support them.

They must understand the importance of robust and timely assessments and bespoke education provision. The aim of my presentation is to reach out to professionals who have the power to make change and to armour parents/carers with practical support that they can use to advocate for their child. 


Leanne lives in Yorkshire with her family. She has over 15 years’ teaching experience and has most recently worked in a specialist provision. Her youngest of two daughters was diagnosed with autism and a PDA profile in April 2019. When a second primary school placement broke down, Leanne realised she now had to be a voice for her daughter and set out on the journey to secure an environment at home and in education where she could thrive. 

Alongside caring for her daughter, Leanne is also the founder of The Lightbulb Moment PDA. She blogs about family life and her Community Interest Company currently supports parents who find themselves in similar circumstances. She is passionate about advocating for autistic children that mask. By sharing her knowledge and lived experience she wants to bring about change and a greater understanding of how autism presents.

Who will benefit from your presentation?

Parents/carers and professionals

What problems can you solve? 

Reassuring parents/carers, finding appropriate and accurate advice for them to strengthen their knowledge, helpful approaches to support a PDA child, training professionals on PDA.

Please give an example of when someone has applied your advice and had great results.

Leanne has been supporting me with the epic battle for my son's EHCP to be changed and a new school named.

My son's mainstream placement is not meeting his needs and Leanne used her expertise and knowledge around EHCP’s, SEN law and children with additional needs to support me.

Leanne regularly kept in contact with me throughout the process. She was a tower of strength and support, without her I do not think I would have got through with my sanity intact.

Leanne helped me understand the process and spent time with me going through my son’s EHCP. Her knowledge, patience, warmth and understanding was invaluable and I cannot thank her enough. 

I would highly recommend The Lightbulb Moment to anyone. 

What is your link to PDA?  (Parent, professional)

PDA Parent, Advocate, Community Interest, Company Founder.

Who do you work with e.g. Parents, Young people, or professionals? If applicable how do you support them?

Parents and Professionals.

Sharing knowledge and lived experience.

PDA strategies and resources.

Book loan service.

Support with IEP’s, EHC Assessment requests, plans and reviews.

Training in schools coming soon.

Personal links

Website address - https://thelightbulbmomentpda.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lightbulbmomentpda

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/the_lightbulb_moment_pda/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/lightbulbPDA

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Lindsay Guttridge

Webinar: Your inner Guidance System - Parenting from within

I aim to bring together parents of PDAers who are interested in self growth. In my presentation I invite you to uncover and learn to fully trust your inner guidance system. This can truly and magically support you in your parenting but also will help build your confidence in your child’s own amazing inner guidance. 


My current occupation could be described as full time parent/carer and Unschooling Mama. By both passion and occupation, I’d describe myself as an Energy Therapist. I’m especially passionate about the simple self help technique EFT Tapping!

Who will benefit from your presentation? 

Parents of children and young people with PDA. 

What problems can you solve? 

I share practical, easy, accessible self help techniques with parents to soothe frayed nerves, heal pain, and let go of beliefs and values that aren’t working for them anymore.

The Facebook group fosters a real sense of community which is so valuable for parents who have been feeling isolated. 

Other recommendations? 

When parents come to me or find my Facebook group Peace With PDA, I hope they can reclaim their self acceptance, unwind, feel soothed and reassured, and remember to breathe & relax! 

What is your link to PDA?  (Parent, professional)

I’m Mum to PDAer Eliza who is aged 9yrs. I’m a professional Energy Therapist experienced in supporting parents and children as an Integrative Counsellor and with EFT Tapping to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Who do you work with e.g. Parents, Young people, or professionals? If applicable how do you support them?

Right ATM I’m not open to clients but I share EFT Tapping and other uplifting energy techniques in our Facebook community ‘Peace With PDA’.

Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/PDAParentsEFT

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Nicola Reekie

Webinar: The benefits of questioning your beliefs

For parents and professionals to have a bigger understanding of how their own childhood and upbringing has an impact on their beliefs and expectations around how children ought to behave.

This impacts and can colour our expectations and could be the missing link when they’ve done so much work bringing in PDA strategies at home or school.

Our fixed beliefs mean we could be creating battles where none need exist 

PDA Summit Creator

My mission is to spread awareness of PDA.  As a parent and professional, with the onslaught of covid I saw an opportunity to create an online summit and webinars reaching people all over the world.

I offer 1:1 support and as a solutions focussed therapist with access to a huge range of tools, I create personalised solutions to my client’s challenges, helping them to be the detective around their child’s PDA needs, unpacking the overwhelm and all the challenges they are facing creating a calmer more compassionate home to live in.

Nicola also has a bijoux membership offering various wellbeing strategies to help members to transition from stressed and anxious to calm.  


I’m passionate about spreading the awareness of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), that’s why I created the PDA SUMMIT!  After spending years seeking a diagnosis for our child and not getting anywhere, as parents we didn’t know where to go next. I was exhausted. I had been on the edge of burn out for so long. Luckily, a chance conversation led to a correct diagnosis of PDA and thankfully I had learned how to manage my own self-care and avoid a full breakdown. It wasn’t easy. 

The more I talked about PDA, the more I realised there were many other parents in the same situation. Qualifying in hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki helped me, and I knew I had to help other parents too. I developed the PDA Parenting Space, a community for parents, carers, and professionals to share their experiences, strategies, and information on Pathological Demand Avoidance. This includes supporting families with improving their understanding of children and adults with PDA as well as raising awareness between health professionals to enable speedier diagnosis. I am so proud of how the community has come together for the Summit and embraced the opportunity to expand our knowledge not only of PDA itself, but more importantly to share and learn how to access resources available to parents and families for living day to day and improve our mental health and well-being.  

Using simple techniques, I learnt as a professional, I’ve experienced a significant difference in my own home and relationship with my child. The families I’ve worked with have also had similar experiences as we remove some of the ‘emotional blocks’ with our parenting and build emotional resilience. I look forward to connecting with you through the Summit. 

Do you work directly with parents and professions? How do you support them?

Parents offering them a safe and secure space to look after their emotional wellbeing.

Parents and professionals by creating workshops and webinars. 

What problems can you solve, please give an example of when someone has applied your advice and had great results

Parents tend to focus on their child’s needs and that of the family ignoring their own wellbeing.  I help to reduce the overwhelm caused by isolation, loneliness and the intense stressful situations that can arise frequently on a day to day basis. 

“I would like to share my experience of the PDA Sanctuary subscription therapy group for parents with you as it has been such a big positive here.

We love our children, however, life can feel lonely and stressful as a parent of a PDA child.

The PDA Sanctuary is all about us as parents, we often get forgotten, and the fight to get support for our children takes over, which has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

One thing is for certain, my PDA son is much, much better when I'm in a better place and able to connect with him. The PDA Sanctuary helps me to be in that better place.

We are a small group of mums. Nicola is wise and compassionate; she shares her knowledge through a few weekly videos on a monthly theme. We learn to look at things differently, so things feel different, we learn small wellbeing tips that we can use in our daily lives to reduce our feelings of overwhelm and stress. We have monthly expert presentations, which have been varied and interesting, and being a small group we get the opportunity to ask questions in a more intimate environment.  As a group we have bonded so much over the past few months. It's a great comfort having one another there on this journey!

I rarely feel lonely and isolated now, I'm developing a mindset and skillset to keep myself healthy and I've made friends who understand my situation.”

Any offers you would like to offer and promote?

A free course just for you...

Everything you need for more calm in your life. 

Seven videos, all just 10 minutes long and packed with simple techniques you can implement immediately.

Weave them into your day quickly and easily to experience those calmer moments throughout your day.


Any additional information you would like to add

Bespoke presentations to parents or professional organisations covering PDA and emotional wellbeing.  

Personal links

Website address -https://www.thepdaspace.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nicola.reekie.73

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicola-reekie-8927b519a/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/the_pdaspace/

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